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cost and finance


Private patients: a Fixed fee has been created for private patients, this is a set fee for the hospitalization and is non-refundable. No insurance or Medical aid details will reflect on your account or be provided to the patient or any Medical aid. It is the responsibility of each patient to inform their insurance or medical aid of the surgery at their own expense. Medical expenses not covered by medical aid is a tax deductible expense.

A separate account for the health care practitioners working on you during your hospitalization will be generated, fee payable in advance and will include the whole medical team.

In South Africa the following Medical Aid Companies authorize Bariatric Surgery:
• Medshield
• Discovery (Comprehensive and Executive)
• Momentum
• Metropolitan
• Parmed
• Massmart
• Bankmed
• Bonitas

Most medical aids will only cover approximately up to 80% of the cost of surgery, this is done in part to ensure the commitment of the patient to a successful commitment to the program. Whilst most of the pre-operative workup and follow up will be covered by your medical aid subject to obtaining pre authorization. Bariatric surgery is only covered on the top plans and it may be necessary to upgrade your plan and inform them of your intention to undergo bariatric surgery.

Private fee for a gastric bypass ranges from R110000 to R150000. Generally, a copayment for hospitalization on your medical aid will be in the region of R15000 to R18000.


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